Carlos Martínez

My coolest selfie

Filmmaker and traveller.

I was born in Cantabria, a tiny but gorgeous region in the north of Spain. 

I am Spain based but looking forward to conquer the world. I feel special attraction for social projects and willing tho discover new landscapes.

My mother has always defined me as a restless soul. I have lived (at least) in 4 countries always with a camera in my hands. 

For the last 3 years I have lived in Madrid working mainly for Telson (MediaPro), where I have filmed and edited for some of the most important companies in Spain, including corporate, tv advertisements and documentaries.

During my last travels around the planet, I have discovered that the most fulfilling jobs for me are the social and documentary ones specially those I shot in Africa, South America and the middle East. I love the challenge, the experiences, the people involved, therefore that's what I would like to be when I grow up.

Own filming gear

I have my own audiovisual gear, from an Eos Cinema Camera, Drone, DSLR's cameras, Atomos recorder, top prime lenses, sound equipment, glidecam... But I also feel confortable filming with basically any camera in the market.

Since I have gone to many productions on my own or with very little crew I can also direct, operate the camera, set up the lights...